12081455_1202777063072658_927670321_nAs horrifying as it is, we all know it happens; someone adopts a wild horse just to send it to out-of-state slaughter in the cruelest conditions. It is now very public knowledge that Tom Davis, a Colorado rancher, is one highly guilty culprit. When this became public, outrage ensued followed by a call to reform policies to ensure the safety of the horses after being adopted out as well as to increase the penalty against those who traffic wild horses to slaughter. There is currently a petition out to be signed for raising the wild horse trafficking penalty to $50,000 per horse. To read the story about Tom Davis and sign the petition, click here.

The CEC wants to raise awareness of horse-to-slaughter trafficking. To help, we have created the hashtag #EveryHorseMatters. Use this every chance you get. Make a sign, write it on your hand, proclaim it anyway you can! Just post it and tag it for everyone to see. Add some facts about slaughter trafficking or explain why every horse matters. Just spread the word, and together, we can save horses.

Use your Every Horse Matters hashtag and join us on-






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