Thank a Veteran


Thank you to all our veterans for your bravery and sacrifice! This Veteran’s day, share your gratitude with the brave men and women who fought for our freedom.

Around 67% of Afghanistan/Iraq Army veterans suffer from PTSD. Unfortunately, even with the damaging affects to their everyday lives, many are not being properly treated. Did you know PTSD victims can be treated through Equine Assisted Therapy? You can read about it on this page by Operation New Normal.

One search online for “PTSD Veteran Horses” will bring up many inspiring stories of horses breaking through to those with PTSD and saving their lives in many cases. Click here to read one posted by 9News.

There are several Equine Assisted Therapy ranches throughout Colorado that help with everything from PTSD to Autism. If you know a veteran with PTSD who could use help or if you are one and are ready to begin helping yourself, consider some of these options-

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