Texas Rescue Horses + Comeback Challenge

We are so proud to see how far these horses have come, given the shape they were in when they first came to us last fall. Many had never had positive human contact before, and now they are thriving in every way. It’s incredibly rewarding to see this transformation.

-Statement from Megan Rees of the Denver Dumb Friends League

Over the weekend, the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo was held in Denver. The Equine Comeback Challenge took place during the event- 22 horses participated, including 8 horses from the Dumb Friend’s League’s Harmony Equine Center in Franktown, CO. We got a recap on how they did!

The competition (Equine Comeback Challenge) took place at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, held in Denver on March 11–13. Eight horses from the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center participated in the challenge, which features horse-and-trainer pairs that compete in a 90-day transformation process designed to provide rescue horses with necessary training and showcase their ability to be successful equine partners… [x]

  • 8 of 59 horses rescued from Texas and sent to the Harmony Equine Center competed at the Equine Comeback Challenge in Denver.

All 8 horses from the Harmony Equine Center that competed were from the 59 rescued from Texas in September 2015. Of those, 7 made it to the top 10 in the final round. Even better- all 8 DDFL horses were adopted in the A Home For Every Horse Showcase after the competition!

The horse that won 1st place in the Equine Comeback Challenge was the DDFL’s own Cactus with his trainer, Jason Patrick. Trinity and her trainer, Jim Cook, placed 3rd followed by Selena with Sam Wilson in 4th.

All 22 horses from across the country had a great showing, and 20 of the horses were adopted during the following Showcase.

“The Equine Comeback Challenge gives the public a chance to see how professional training can transform these rescue horses into amazing equine partners,” said Harmony Equine Center Director Garret Leonard. “So many rescue horses just need more training in order to have a chance for a new life in a forever home, and everyone who participated in this event was thrilled to give them that opportunity.” [x]

Click here to learn more about the Harmony Equine Center, their adoptions, and even donate.

 The Harmony Equine Center is holding an Open House and Adoption Day on Saturday, June 4, 2016. Stop by 5540 E. Highway 86 near Franktown between 10 A.M. and 3 P.M. on June 4 for this free event including guided facility tours, food trucks, kids activities, and meet-and-greets with horses available for adoption!

Read about the Open House here!

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