About Us

Welcome to the Colorado Equestrian Connection!

Lexi Endter, Founder and President; and Peppy, one of her trainer’s horses.

Founded in 2015 by a horse loving college student, the Colorado Equestrian Connection was built to support local equestrians with regional information and local businesses/products.

The company continues to grow and connect more horse lovers in Colorado and hopes to one day join together a full network of resources and devoted equestrians.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Ann Millerick says:

    Hello, I relocated to Colorado from Virginia horse country and am wondering if there is a place that lists properties to rent on or near horse farms in CO.
    Thank you, Ann

    • Lexi Endter says:

      Hello, Ann! Most discussions about places for rent on or around horse property seem to take place on local Facebook groups. We highly recommend the Colorado Horse Forum group. If you would like to check it out but can’t find it on Facebook, we can send you a link!

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